My final UNISA exhibition

Here are some photos of my final UNISA exhibition. I am delighted to share that I received three distinctions and a Merit award for Confessions of a Bored Housewife. Advertisements

UNISA Visual Arts Graduate exhibition 2013

Here are the photos from our UNISA Visual Arts Graduate exhibition running from 1 Dec to 14 Jan2014.

Confessions of a Bored Housewife sneak peek

Confessions of a Bored Housewife sneak peek….. Opening Saturday 30th November, 12noon, UNISA Art Gallery, Pretoria

Im cleaning out my closet

So this is most likely the last year I needed to come to SA 3 times for workshops and exams. My cupboards are full full full of old art and scrap and left over papers and plastick and ..stuff! I had a little clear out the other day…even found some old school art too! It … Continue reading

University of Pretoria Graduate Exhibition

Saturday evening 9th Nov was the University of Pretoria (TUKS) graduate exhibtion. My first impression…I feel so old! haha. Walking amongst 20 odd year old students was so weird. There were some work that I enjoyed a lot. I must admit I see a huge difference between their student work and our mature student work … Continue reading

Apply your grey matter

The 22nd Annual PPC Cement Young Concrete Sculptor Awards Opening night, Wednesday 6th November, PTA Art Association. What a great evening! I met my 2 uni friends Barry and Joe at the PTA Art Association (Mackie Street). It was the first time I went to see this competition and I was amazed at what can … Continue reading

It aint over till its over

  The creative process is a funny thing. I have finally managed to switch off and get some much needed rest. Spent all day yesterday in bed- but I have cold, so that is a good excuse! I am finally OVER IT !! It’s exactly a week since we installed our exam exhibition work. On … Continue reading

it aint over till its over

So it seems the creative process is not quite over yet! This morning I delivered my catalogues and name tags. I was not happy w the ‘cats’ but had no choice due to deadlines. I just proofed it again to print new ones for the exhibition and realized another big mistake: my CV never got … Continue reading

Exhibition Catalogue Essay- 4th year Graduate Exhibition

This is the essay in my catalogue…. Confessions of a bored housewife Introduction   Sexual fantasies are an aid, an escape. They are a way to survive periods of partner absence and are safe adventures that accompany sexual stimulation. My previous work dealt with the effects of separation on relationships due to short-term work-related absence[i]. … Continue reading

4th Year Visual Arts Research Paper

This is my research paper for my concept development… Confessions of a bored housewife Introduction Living with a partner who travels extensively means being left to my own devices more often than I would like to be. In previous work I have dealt with the effects of absence on relationships due to short- term work- … Continue reading