My name is Stephanie Neville. I am a South African artist living in the UAE since 1999. I guess I am labelled as a ‘mature student’ now, currently enrolled at Unisa (University of South Africa) for Bachelor of Visual Arts. I am now in my final academic year, though it has taken almost 6 years to get to this point…with 1 more assignment, 1 more research paper and 1 more exam to go to complete the (4 year) degree in October!!! Does that make sense to you? It only seems to make sense to the poor struggling students who are on this mad adventure with me.

I wish I had started this degree earlier!

I wish I had started this blog earlier!

So the aim of this blog is to decompress and to share the madness of a mature student, especially an art student! My fellow students will have empathy with the self-doubt, self-hatred, masochistic endeavors resulting in disastrous diets, insomnia and plenty of empty wine bottles. But, they will also share in the ecstatic moments when something clicks and the creativity flows to a splurge of intense uninterrupted production, only to be thrown back in the deep dark waters paddling helplessly around in the sea of approval.

This is the life and times of a mature art student!




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