Museum visit: Sharjah Art Museum: Women & Art- Interpreting Peace, Sunday 2 Feb

Seriously Sharjah Art Museum?

The Sharjah Ladies Club (with sponsors) organized Women & Art Interpreting Peace exhibition at the Sharjah Art Museum 27Jan-28Feb. Seriously? I am not sure where they get these women from? There are many many talented local female artists that could have been approached for this. Of course, I dont know any of the ladies participating in the exhibition and I am very judgemental, so will try to reign it in a bit. BUT, putting a theme such as “Interpreting Peace” in the heading of the exhbition, one expects artworks that would be , well, interpreting peace!?! There were 2 artworks with a token white dove incorporated. The rest just didnt make sense.
I guess the photos will speak for itself.

Highlights for me was Oksana Mas from the Ukraine. OK, so I am biased…she used fabric and you probably know by now, I am slightly obsessed with textiles at the moment.
Then I did enjoy the paintings by French artist Karine Roche- though my 2 gallery gals Gwyneth and Pat disagreed with me. I guess it was the colour use and the busy, rhythmic combination of line and splashes of pink/colour that drew my attention.
The sculptural works by Zeinab Mohammad (Egypt) and Nune Tumanyan (Armenia) were also quite intriguing.

One Response to “Museum visit: Sharjah Art Museum: Women & Art- Interpreting Peace, Sunday 2 Feb”
  1. anne says:

    I loved the sculptures that would be my favorite.

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