Gallery visit: Courtyard area, Al Quoz, Wednesday 29th Jan

I went along with my glamorous gallery gal Gwyneth Nasr to the Courtyard galleries for exhibition openings.
Starting off with A woman’s face in the crowd by Mohammadreza Sharifzadeh at the Etemad Gallery. The show comprised of 9 digital photography works 100 x 150 cm, depicting women in Iran. The artist is taking a humourous look at the rise of women in Iran, the “unequal struggle betweent the apparent dominance of make and the exotic female hegemony”.
I enjoyed most of the images (the boxing gloves and the motor cycle are my faves). I am not sure the digital additions are necessary as I would prefer the beauty of the feminine features of the woman to remain in contrast with the traditional male scenarios. The gallery manager Ariane Nouchi was extremely friendly and helpful. I am not sure I would have enjoyed the work as much without her explanations.

Moving on to the Gallery Ward around the corner…. The Hive is an exhibition by Ahmed Kassem, curated by Ehab El Labban. To sum up, it is about “life’s structure and rhythm” and “an interconnected existence”. Grey and Yellow has always been a favourite colour combination for me. And ofcourse I love detail. The works reminded me of bizarre sci-fi type movies, with crazy busybusy bees all over the place. I think a person needs proper time to view all the narratives on each canvas, as each is like a whole movie on its own. My favourite is the Bear Attack, almost like Poo Bear on crack attacked by bees on speed. Love it. There is so much detail in the work (the creation of the other-worldly cities), along with the size of the bees/ canvasses (220 x 180 cm) makes me feel like a voyeur into their world, rather than an annoying picnic bee intruding into mine. I feel transported into this chaos as if I can almost here the warring noises. In fact, the more I look at these works, the more I love it!!

Unfortunately, the Khak Gallery’s exhibition could not open on the same night: Trauma by Mahsa Karimizadeh. I do hope to get to see it at some point.
I am sorry, I am not going to mention the Courtyard Gallery at this time.

One Response to “Gallery visit: Courtyard area, Al Quoz, Wednesday 29th Jan”
  1. anne says:

    Would have liked to have seen these up close.

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