Visit: Street Night Art, Al Quoz Beautification Project

Friday night, 24th Jan, Al Quoz Beautification Project.
Arrived just after 6pm. Most ‘artists’ just started on their canvasses/boards.
I am more and more disillusioned with the art scene in Dubai. But I guess its just me.
I guess I am looking for my niche, where will I fit in? I dont feel home in SA and I dont feel home in Dubai. Is my art going to be homeless forever?

What is an artists? What makes an artist? Who decides who is an artist?
My quesions remain unanswered at this point.

My first half hour at the event was pitiful. I favoured one Swiss graffiti artist work. Though, he was not painting on the spot, but showcased previous work done. So, maybe not entirely fair to the others. I was about to leave, when I realized I was being overly judegmental to the poor painters: they had barely started their artworks and I was negative and premature in critique.
So, I went for dinner and came back an hour later.
The event was buzzing. Almost too many people to navigate around in order to see the art, but good for them! It was exciting, different and entertaining. Good local music in the background, I made my rounds again to see how some of the work have developed. I did decide on a few favourites for the evening. I returned to my Swiss graffiti artist but I never managed to catch him doing the promised live painting.
Overall, I think this event is a great idea and I am wondering if I would have the guts to live paint in front of a few thousand passing individuals (and dogs?!).
I didnt have the patients to wait around until 11pm to see the end result….maybe I should have as it probably would have improved my opinion…..but I gave them a fair 2 hours and here are some photos of the event and some of my favourites as they developed.

One Response to “Visit: Street Night Art, Al Quoz Beautification Project”
  1. carrieart says:

    Hi Steph

    I just read your blog. As you can probably guess, I. Didn’t actually go down there. I thought I was going to be too judgemental too! plus I’m not good with crowds. It’s good to see your photos that you took. Some of the ‘artists’ are just hobby artists who don’t really exhibit or sell their work ( well some of the ones I knew going down). Such a big thing was made of the event, but I really don’t think they came up with many really good artists I would rate.

    Very much an Asian artist scene with maybe just one or two westerners involved …..

    I loved that artist statement you photographed!!! LOL …..

    Hope to catch up soon. Xxx C

    Sent from my iPad


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