Gallery visit: Lawrie Shabibi: Asad Faulwell

I am so glad I popped into this gallery this morning. I did like my previous visit to Gallery Isabelle vd Eynde, but I LOVED this exhibition in Lawrie Shabibi: Bed of Broken Mirrors by Asad Faulwell, as part of his ongoing series Les Femmes d’Alger.
Detailed paint and ornate collage pieces, mixed with portraits of Algerian women- just stunning, ornate, beautiful! Again, satisfying my need for intricate design detail, colours and textiles. Faulwell states his influences referencing French Orientalists, Delacroix, Picasso….but I am also reminded of Klimt and many images floating around in my head still, since seeing this work this morning. I am in love…….

One Response to “Gallery visit: Lawrie Shabibi: Asad Faulwell”
  1. anne says:

    No wonder you liked this work. Wish I had been with you to see it.

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