Gallery visit: Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde: Nargess Hashemi

I’ve been looking forward to this exhibition. Receiving emails from the gallery, I was quite excited to see this work, the title intrigued me- a little reminiscent of my own collections.
The Pleasure in Boredom by Nargess Hashemi shows the artist’s experimentation on graph paper. Her reseach revolves around the work by E.H.Gombrich on the psychology of doodling.
From a distance, I found the work slightly boring, but upon closer inspection the detail is incredible and I am in awe of the dedication to this time consuming precision drawing.
At first I was not sure about the placement of the macrame ‘rugs’ within the exhibition but now I do enjoy the translation of traditional pen & ink doodling into textiles/wools- ticking most of my “like” boxes (detail, colour, repetition, textiles….)
Here are a few images:

One Response to “Gallery visit: Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde: Nargess Hashemi”
  1. anne says:

    I like the drawings better than the textiles.

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